Your monetary or in kind (food and/or services) contribution will make a significant difference to the Navarre High School football program.

The Navarre Raiders Quarterback Club (NRQBC) is a 501(c)3 organization making your support tax deductible.

There are many ways to contribute – feel free to make a monetary donation through our secure donate buttons both above and below or through our Corporate Sponsor Chair by using one of the email address links below

( or (

We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and generous support!!



All proceeds from the purchase of NRQBC Raider Gear benefit the Navarre HS Raider Football Program.


Priority Donation Items for 2019:

  • Stadium Seating – $8,000
  • 75 sideline rain/winter capes – $5,000
  • 100 team meeting room folding chairs – $2,000
  • 18 coaches office and conference room chairs – $1,800